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The BHaKTi SHaKTi                                      Story  


The Bhakti Shakti Kirtan

has been a staple of the Boulder and Boulder Kirtan community since 2000. The group was started by Kalyani Karen DeMarco and Vamadeva Andrew Campagnola. The band started as a mixture of various characters, and whoever showed up with an instrument. Our two-hour singing, and dancing, and meditation sessions have happened every Sunday for the last 23 years.

In February of 2023, Kalyani made the difficult decision to step down from leading the kirtan, due to health reasons. She invited a long-time band member, Ken Bernstein, a very talented composer, artist and musician to take the helm. He has expanded the offerings of Bhakti Shakti Kirtan, reaching out to the community of talented and amazing artists from all over Boulder,

Denver and beyond.

Copy of Gayan and Band.jpeg

Since assuming the leadership of the kirtan,  he has welcomed other kirtan leaders to  sit in with the band. This continues to  bring talented voices and different styles of offering this beautiful singing meditation to our gatherings.

The Bhakti Shakti Band  has welcomed and played with leaders such as Scott

and Shanti, Katie Wise, Sheela Bringi, Makaysha Rain, Eyal Rivlin,  Mike Cohen, Tom Fuhrmann, Mira Devi, Sam Silver, Deepsi, Laura Moses Granger, Ky Gabriel, Kate Spear, and Adam Bauer, and we add to this amazing group regularly.


The current Bhakti Shakti Band is:


Ken Bernstein- Kirtan Leader, composer, acoustics, sound, and vocals

Gayan Gregory Long- extraordinary percussionist, and vocals, leads chants

Marcy Baruch- Vocalist extraordinaire, harmonium, guitar, leads chants

Bill McCrossen- Bass man

Dexter Payne- Woodwind master

Stephen Bross- Tablas and vocals


Over the past 23 years, The Bhakti Shakti Kirtan Band has been filled a lot of amazing musicians. Many have gone on to lead their own kirtans. This illustrious list is filled with multi-talented individuals.

They include, Tom Fuhrmann, Sam Silver, Kali Martin, Anandamayi, Susan St. Claire, Brian Borg, Chuck White, Rick Franz, Akshara Weave, Satya Dubay, Harsh Agwal, Joseph DiMasi, Gregg Wilkins, Aaron Wheeler, David Coddington, Mary Link, Laura Moses Granger, Robaji Robert Rand, Noah Rouse Wilson IV, Marty Rein, Paul Visvader, Satya Waters, Dave Corbus, Nate Alfson, Ken Matarrazo, and others!

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