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Marcy Baruch

Vocalist, Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar


My Story

If the stars could sing a love song, they might very well sound like the voice of Marcy Baruch (bah-Roosh). Full of radiant warmth, passion, and honesty, her music is born of one soul-mission: to remind us of the wondrous magnificence of who we truly are. Refreshing in versatility and scope, Marcy’s songs embrace the listener in vivid colors and textures through a number of stylistic ranges. The sounds of Scottish bagpipes, the sparseness of Americana-style folk odes, the lushness of piano-based orchestral numbers, a cappella hymns, and chants of devotion sung anew–all have their place in an evening with this soulful, engaging musical artist. Those who enter into the experience leave feeling as though they have been seen by the heavens and met in their innermost core by the love of the intimate universe.

Upon the release of her third CD, The Strength of Love, Marcy’s song “This Inner Space” received the emPower Music & Arts Posi Award for the best healing song of the year. Emmy nominated producer Steve Avedis, whose clients include Tony Bennett and Kenny Rogers, exclaimed, “You’ve got to hear this woman. Her voice drew me in right up front with its silky-smooth, sultry quality; she is like no one else I have ever heard.” Her songs “Here I Am,” “Carry On,” and “The Strength of Love” have all been Posi Award finalists in the categories of Healing, Music That Matters, and Group Chant. Currently, two of Marcy’s songs, “House of the Soul’s Belonging” and “Sweet Release,” co-written with Jan Garret and JD Martin, are nominated for Posi awards. She will be performing them at this year’s 2015 Positive Music festival in Tampa, Florida.


My Interests


Humor and dialogue that embrace the irreverent and the reverent as one and the same * Beagles, basset hounds and the unique sentience of various life forms * Aha moments and conversations that bring a glimmer of light to the eyes of those engaged in them * Being softened and broken open by witnessing the most tender acts of kindness * Being swept into the sheer delight of possibly even committing one myself * Being blown away by ideas about IT that dash to stone all previous conceptions * Dark chocolate, toasted walnuts, goat cheese and strikingly succulent food * Creating organizational systems that actually work for me * Authenticity and endeavoring to live unapologetically… and learning to apologize * Teaching voice in a way that transforms people’s connection with their bodies and their utilization of internal power (How beautiful to see someone smiling uncontrollably 20 minutes into a first lesson) * Singing harmony with Jan Garrett and JD Martin * Studio harmony work * Supporting others’ excellence * Wellness * Shedding layers * The human body * The human spirit * The Divine emergence, infusion, and interplay * The view from an airplane * Walking and living with more courage * Creating in my work and in my life something beautiful, something honest, something of wholeness that is ultimately kind, in the way that is mine to do, for the sake of all.

Marcy's Music, Media and Connection

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