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"I love Boulder Kirtan! The musicians are always top rated professionals who play from their hearts. I am transported to the depth of my being, feeling my own heart more fully as well as my connection to the whole. I leave the evening filled with peace and gratitude, ready to
take on the week."

Laurie Lazar

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"Bhakti Shakti kirtan is one of the most beautiful spiritual practices  I ever attended. The acceptance, love, joy, and  freedom there is indescribable. Coming to sing, dance and practice together as a community is truly a gift."

Margo Gawron

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"Love Bhakti Shakti Kirtan - lets us feel connected to each
other and divinity."

Richard S.


"Bhakti Shakti Kirtan is a life transforming experience, which allows me to go thru the veil to higher levels of transcendence and ecstasy."


"It is a path to higher consciousness, peace and joy."

Nayomi F.


"I am so grateful that I found Boulder's Bhakti Shakti Kirtan. I look forward to every Sunday night because I know that there will be joy and love and healing through community, dance and chanting. Such wonderful musicians who you can tell put their whole heart into making each Sunday special and uplifting. Much gratitude to all who make this possible."

Mindy Kittay

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"What a great band and chant leaders at Bhakti Shakti kirtan. I appreciate their dedication in continuing this weekly tradition for so many years. Chanting together creates much joy. What a gift to our community and to each person who attends."

Mary Stevenson


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"Boulder Bhakti Shakti Kirtan is something extraordinary. If you want to swirl in a cosmic cauldron of loving container held by the purest hearts, Ken’s haunting melodies, superb musicianship, enchanting vocals, chants that take you deep and high, beautiful souls opening powerful portals, shamanic drumming, joyful dancing, and communion with sweet people, check it out. Sacred and erotic, gentle and powerful, moving and loving.  It’s everything!"

Kate Millea 

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