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Kirtan in Boulder every Sunday Night Live

with the BHAKTI SHAKTI BAND & friends

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Welcome to
The Community

Join us for a magical evening of meditation, chanting, and dancing

Join our community of spiritual seekers.


Connect with open hearts.

Experience the power of community and embrace the magic of Bhakti Shakti Kirtan every Sunday night. 

Join us for a transcendent evening of ecstatic chanting and the most joyous of meditations with incredibly talented local musicians.

Join our Community

Joy, they say, is best when shared.

Invite a friend, a loved one, or a fellow seeker, and amplify

the rhythms of bliss, connection,

and unity at Boulder Kirtan

kirtan joy
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notified of our upcoming events:

Become part of our Community!

"Chanting with Bhakti Shakti kirtan helps me deepen into myself, feel closer to the Mother, be one with the group and, at the same time, send loving kindness to the whole world."      

Janice Jennings, CO

"I attend Bhakti Shakti Kirtan almost every week.  It's a rich, yummy mixture of spirit-lifting, warmth-creating, and joy-inducing music and voice. 
In this local area where there are many quality event opportunities, I promise,
Bhakti Shakti is always
a worthy choice."

Andy Penziner, CO

“Boulder Kirtan has been a transformative experience for me. The energy and love that fills the room every Sunday night
is truly magical.”."

Leah Anderson, CO

kirtan musicians playing
breathing in kirtan

Deepen your spiritual practice...

Breathe in the harmony of ancient chants that resonate with the core of your being, and breathe out

the chaos of everyday life.

Here you remember who you truly are.

Connect with open hearts...

Bhakti Shakti Kirtan is more than music — it’s a vibrant, friendly community of souls, brought together by shared devotion and love for the transformative power of kirtan. All are welcome. Come home to your heart.

Here, you truly belong.

chanting and dancing kirtan
kirtan Goddess-Lakshmi

Please consider a donation to our
Lakshmi Fund

This fund allows us to welcome everyone to our events, and turn away no one. This fund helps us meet our expenses, and turn no one away. Thank you for sharing
your prosperity! 

Lakshmi Fund Donation
Leave a one-time donation

Thank you helping to support the community!

Krishna kirtan

Boulder Bhakti Shakti Kirtan is something extraordinary. If you want to swirl in a cosmic cauldron of loving container held by the purest hearts, Ken’s haunting melodies, superb musicianship, enchanting vocals, chants that take you deep and high, beautiful souls opening powerful portals, shamanic drumming, joyful dancing, and communion with sweet people, check it out. Sacred and erotic, gentle and powerful, moving and loving. It’s everything!

Kate Millea 

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